The maintenance of the house in good condition is the responsibility of the tenant who has been living in the house.  The tenant is expected to have everything in good condition when vacating the house. This is a very difficult condition to meet.  The Realtors will usually require a tenant to pay a given amount as security that when they move out the house will be in good condition. Therefore the tenant when moving out has to do cleanings and property preservation activities so that they will receive their money security back.  Many tenants do not qualify as fixing broken house items.  Tenants are forced to recruit a move out cleaning agency to assist them. 

 The duties performed by a property preservation company are. 

Masonry services.  The house floor and walls are renewed.   The house walls and floor will get holes and lines of weakness with time.  Also, the walls painting may discolor.  The Mason roles will be to fill the holes on the wall and floor and cover the cracks.  Property preservation companies also have painters to paint the house when being vacated.  The brick and woodworker also checks the external parts of the house which may need to be repaired.  The masonry services may also include fixing of the electricity network and water pipes. 

General cleaning of the house.  This entails the washing of the house wall, which may be necessary for premises occupied by kids.  It is common for kids to write on the wall or touch walls with dirty hands leaving stains. Also the move out property Preservation Company will clean the kitchen area, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Find out more here! 

 Another role of property preservation agency is offering garbage disposal services to the client.  People usually accumulate junk items which will need to be disposed of when going to a new house.   The load of junk item may not be suitable to be disposed of like other garbage items.  The move out cleaning companies usually have a solution for disposal of such stocks. 


 The property preservation agencies are of great importance in the renting and leasing of properties sector. They help the landlords, tenants and property agents to maintain the good condition of the property.  As an added benefit the next person who rents the house will occupy a newly renovate unit. It is frustrating having to clean or repair the house when you first move in.  The functions of a move out agency can be acquired by both tenants moving out or homeowners in need of maintaining the condition of their home. Learn more today